God Won’t Give You More Than You Can Handle

I haven’t written in my blog for quite some time. To put it bluntly the last five years of my life have sucked. 2013 was just the sour icing on some horrible cake. But there were some good moments too; unfortunately, they were overshadowed by some pretty terrible times. Have you ever had someone ask […]


A Feast for the Senses, Eating My Way Through Mexico

I haven’t written in my blog for so long, but I had a good reason. I took an almost 2 ½ week vacation to Mexico. I haven’t taken a real vacation for something approaching seven years. Since I felt 2+ weeks was a long time to be gone from work, I worked extra hard up […]


Why Dish for Starters? When I decided to join the world of blogging, I thought “What topic is currently scantily covered in the blogging world?” Why the answer was obvious: cooking and baking, of course. “Yes, that’s what the world needs,” I told myself, “another cooking and baking blog.” I am kidding, of course, as […]